COVID Whistle Blower RAIDED with Gestapo Tactics!

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On December 9, 2020

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  1. Laughing Waters

    Going after De Santos hard aren’t they?
    This woman is a dumb shill. Sorry, but the story has too many leaks and incredibilities.
    It sounds, smells, and reads like a “job” to discredit De Santos, as he’s left his state free to live. If this woman has no friggin’ clue that all this “data” is already lies, she’s dumber than dumb, and just wants her moment of fame.
    Lame frame up if you want my gut knowing.

  2. Michael Freed

    What I can’t figure out is why people like Dore & yourselves try to make a point about how wrong these things are; But then totally undermine yourselves by being 100% okay with it by continuing to support the people DOING these acts you’re presenting as wrong. I mean you actively refuse to act to stop them.
    Any particular reason why?

  3. Nadineblack55

    This entire story is bullshit especially if this woman was interviewed by CNN the Corrupt News Network. This is a bunch of crisis actors lying about DeSantis because he opened up FL against the Oligarchy wishes. People need to do there own research the data that DeSantis use to open FL was not manipulated that 99.6% who test positive will survive. They are trying to say that was manipulated. Bullshit that is the truth that they don’t want out there. So they can keep pushing there fake Scamdemin to control and vaccinate the population. The Mainstream Media has been putting out all kinds of fake stories about DeSantis since he opened FL. I Pray for DeSantis every night he is fighting for our Freedom going against the ruling elite Sociopath’s. Don’t fall for this bullshit story.

  4. Jack

    Not all cops are bad, there is good and bad people in everything. Don’t know how true this is, but I can see that 2021 will truely be he’ll on earth.



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