Grand Theft World Podcast 005 | Unmasking Dystopia

by | Dec 8, 2020 | 9 comments

Welcome to Grand Theft World Podcast 005 | Unmasking Dystopia.


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  1. Jeananne Crowley

    Waving from Ireland. Delighted to have found you via James Corbett. Will spread the word.

  2. Nadine caesar


  3. Homebummingit

    Hay Richard, it’s Homebummingit. I downloaded one of your MP4’s on my Sisters Galaxy note 4 but it won’t play. I’m a little frustrated looking for a software that I don’t need a computer to use to convert the file. Any suggestions?

  4. Mark Luxton

    I think you are very correct Richard, to question the agenda of the MISES institute.
    I watched a video many years ago that they produced. It contained distortions and/or lies, of the history and nature of money, meant to make their theories appear reasonable.
    There are a lot of “truthers” who have researched and explained a great deal about the modern criminal cabal run monetary systems.
    I have only heard less than a handful who truly understand the true nature and true history of money itself. For decades I have heard well read truthers misuse terms and misunderstand concepts regarding “money”.
    Real sovereign organic money, is so simple a thing, that nearly everyone fails to grasp it; and the world needs to understand, because if we do not, we will never have it.
    Fiat is misused/misunderstood. Made from thin air, Gold standard, paper vs digital, central banks…..all concepts IMO that nearly everyone misunderstands.
    For many generations people have deliberately been kept ignorant of the true nature of money and its’ history; and at the same time we are inundated with financial complexities our whole lives that make it seem that money needs to be complex with all sorts of “experts” running things.
    Real money is really really simple, regardless of how it is exchanged- paper, cheap metals, or digital.
    Humanity needs to learn the true nature and true history of money, and then do our own damn reset.
    Corrupt monetary systems poison everything.
    I don’t have this book, but I strongly recommend it. James should have a copy as well. I could not afford it so I searched the internet for interviews of Stephen(rip)speaking, backed up on DVD.
    Stephen Zarlenga had about the best understanding of the nature of money I have heard…though I think Plato had a great understanding as well.

  5. Brent

    Hello from Dystopian, rainbow unicorn land otherwise known as Canada. Keep up the awesome work, guys. Found this site through James Corbett.

  6. Merritt W Johnson

    Circa 1492 They ran the “synagogue of satan” out of Spain. They went up to start up business in Holland and be the Dutch version of the East India Co,

  7. Antonio

    Listening to people like Christine Lagarde makes me wonder who the hell gave them the authority to make these kinds of decisions for us? Who empowered them to corrupt our money, and then, on their say-so, institute a completely different kind of ‘money’, one which they exclusively control, and withhold from us if we don’t “behave”?

    I think it’s way past time for every politician, everywhere, to have their head on a pike. All people need to repudiate their rule over us, and assert our human right to rule ourselves, with, or without, their approval.

    Also here via James Corbett, but I have seen your stuff on the internet previously, maybe also due to JC.

  8. Tony

    what program do you use for the history blueprint? The blue mindmap while talking to James Corbett. Thanks!

    • Emmanuel

      Was also looking for info on the history blueprint. Thanks!
      Keep up the great work!!!



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