Grand Theft World Podcast 004 | Santa Klaus is Coming to Town

by | Nov 30, 2020 | 3 comments

Welcome to Grand Theft World Podcast episode 04, Santa Klaus is Coming to Town. We go on a journey and weave the books of Klaus Schwabb and the World Economic Forums content to tell the story of the Great Reset and Covid-19.



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  1. I listen to this podcast on stitcher and the clipping/skipping makes it unlistenable. I have watched the podcasts on YouTube and there is no clipping. No otherpodcasts I listen to on stitcher clips. This is a shame as I Would love to share, but if they are like me they can’t deal with the clipping. The Peace Revolution was a fantastic foundation, but this is more accessible for those who are intimidated by the 7-20 hour podcasts. I hooe thos is an easy fix.

  2. Dear Friends, great work as usual. Please look into the book by Ethel D. Hume, on the missing chapter in biology. There is real scholarly distinctions made on the original theories which when properly understood, help us see where eugenicists got the business plan to create gobal main Pharma. The origin of the germ theory. Long descredited, but never removedfrom use by political and economic interests. Please, please study her work. Also be aware, Florence Nightengale was one on the remarkable people who showed the fallacy of the Germ Theory even before Louis Pasteuer started to champion it as science. The Host Terrain Theory, developed by Bechamp is the humble beginnings of science.


    Who Controls the World? These Organizations, Institutions, and Families Run the Show

    There are many powerful individuals, rich ones, technocrats, politicians, prime ministers, kings, and queens. But it’s those who lurk in the shadows that are in control. One spoke on the wheel has no impact on the system as it has been spinning for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years. There are no coincidences, only events. How can you control an ever growing population with just a few individuals hiding behind the scenes? Is that really possible?


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