Interviews to Integrate #3: Antony C. Sutton

Written By Daniel McCarthy

On November 29, 2020

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If you told your grandmother that the Nazis were funded by American firms, what do you think she’d say? And what if you told your uncle, who fought in Vietnam, that Charlie’s weapons were made by the USA?

For sure, at best, you’d be a laughing-stock; at worst, most likely, an ass. Yet what if I told you these things were true? What if I exposed the deep morass?

I need not do so, for the work has been done, by an expert atop his class.

Antony Sutton was a technical man; a historian of gadgets of gore. But he studied deeply, and at times the unseemly, and exposed a conspiracy. He showed to his betters, in their own letters, that their ediface was genuinely worn.

He told them that Trotsky, Stalin, and Lenin gave nothing new to be learned. He told them the West, at its technical best, gave them missiles and money and more.

Don’t take it from me, there’s much more to see of this man who was fired for his cold honesty.

Antony Sutton Interviewed (Partial; I have not found the full version yet):

This is the third part of three of my “Interviews to Integrate” series. Sutton’s work binds the final ties – revealing the practical applications of Dodd’s testimony (pt. 2) and unmasking the twisted legacy of Quigley’s Anglo-American Establishment (pt. 1).

Thank you.

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  1. Managed Conflict. The members of skull and bones staff both sides of any (every?) conflict and together they manage it… for power and profit and control.


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