The Future Belongs to Land Holders and Entrepreneurs by Jack Spirko

Written By Chris McMillon

On November 24, 2020

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Historically in America who has been president or your senator, etc has meant very little in reality. What has mattered is how well individuals have designed their lives. The two biggest things that have enabled this for the most people are…

Land Ownership (control of real property)
Entrepreneurship (control of your own production of value)

In some ways the place we live is so different from the nation Americans of the early 1800s lived in that you’d think they were different worlds. Yet the power of entrepreneurship and land ownership has remained fairly constant. While I don’t expect that to change, I feel the barrier to entry to both will continue to increase over time. Hence the time to act is now.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

The primary reason people came to America was to own land
America was a nation of farmers but more a nation of entrepreneurs
The reasons I am so big on land with little to no restrictions
Food production
Personal oasis
An operational base for entrepreneurship
A massive “store of value”
Some ideas that work even with “small” unrestricted acrage
Training classes, etc.
Shop level work (wood, metal, CNC, 3d printing, etc)
Plant propagation
Bee keeping
Vegetable/fruit farming
Content creation
Alternative housing (AirBnB, HipCamp, etc.)
Why land well away from the city is the key going forward
Limited inventory
Most new building will be in “controlled developments”
The suburbs and urban areas will become highly restricted
It will make multi generational living possible
I predict more “pandemics”
What I suggest for land in general
At least an acre of nice laying land
Some “buffer” from neighbors
Water must be available
The position must be “defensible” and I don’t mean it the way you likely think
Look for neighbors who think in terms of MYOB but be helpful
No HOA/POAs unless there is a specific reason and it is highly limited in power
Really nice to have things to look for
Surface water or the ability to install it
Out buildings
Roads/trails that are properly installed
Local resources (publicly accessible lands, local businesses, etc)
Good internet service options
Some thoughts on raw vs. developed land
The best neighbors are those you can create community with
It has been easier before, but it will never be easier than now


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