Grand Theft World Podcast 003 | Global Gaslighting

Welcome to Grand Theft World Podcast episode 003, Global Gaslighting. Analysis: 2017 Pentagon Pandemic Planning Doc & More

Written By Grand Theft World

On November 23, 2020

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Welcome to Grand Theft World Podcast episode 003, Global Gaslighting. Analysis: 2017 Pentagon Pandemic Planning Doc & More





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  1. Right on brothers! Thanks for the rant Rich! I’m f***ing angry as he!! and I say the same thing. Why aren’t more people angry?
    We’ll fight the good fight. I have been spreading the word for years from a finance perspective as that has been the control mechanism for it all but I’m thinking of getting into the alt media game to try to reach my people in my network and as such more people. I love how the alternative media community links one report to the work of another as the community grows and for this reason, it is stronger than the mainstream media, which does not have science aka knowledge on its side.

  2. Hi – First-time visitor, so first – my appreciation for the quality of your work and show. I live in Chelsea, Quebec, maybe 15 minutes north of Ottawa. In late July 0f 2019 I got fairly ill with what I assumed was the flu – but it was in July, so I realized that was not the case. Got progressively worse, very wiped out, bad sweating, coughing etc. After a month, I went to see my doctor, but he had no idea what it was. Just said I had pneumonia, prescribed the usual (rest and fluids etc). I shook it about two weeks later, but it wasn’t a pleasure. I then started reading about “vaping illness” on the CBC page for Ottawa, and realized that the symptoms of what they called a “strange pneumonia-like illness” were identical to what I had suffered through. The link to vaping was soon discredited, and no more was heard of this. In my immediate area, I know of 4 others who also fell ill with whatever I had, at the same time, but all recovered perfectly. This “vaping illness” was front page news in August 2019 in Ottawa, stories still archived here: I am certain that what they had, as well as what I had, was in fact covid – 4 months before it apparently crawled out of some pangolin’s arse in Wuhan. No MD that I know of will touch this, as the College of Physicians and Surgeons strongly discourages deviation from the script, and there are professional consequences for those who do. For the record, I’m old as dirt and an avid smoker – but I lived to whine about it. You may be in a position to do some digging about this, as I’m fairly sure that “vaping illness” was also making the rounds of the US as well, especially (initially) in the vicinity of Maryland. Fort Detrick even. Please feel free to contact me if interested or if needing more info. Look forward to exploring more podcasts and other material. Kudos to you!


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