Interviews to Integrate #2: Norman Dodd

Written By Daniel McCarthy

On November 19, 2020

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You went there. So did I.

I think we all know that it sucked, but from what ideology was it born?

The history of school is not the subject of this post, though it’s a history well worth delving into. Instead, today, I’d like to show you one of its most peculiar and deadliest uses.

Its “bodies” were captured and its ideal was raptured, and it was made to serve a perverse agenda.

Old Norman Dodd was a statesman, who uncovered a plot of placation. Merge USSR with US-of-A, and set the free world on a plantation.

So here is the interview, with G. Edward Griffin, that old Norman Dodd did give:

This is part 2 of “Interviews to Integrate,” and I hope, dear reader, that you do integrate them into your weltanschauung, for this is the stuff of history.


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