Grand Theft World Podcast 002 | From Lockstep to Great Reset

by | Nov 18, 2020 | 4 comments


  1. Well done my good and faithful freedom lovers,,,welldone.

  2. The whole examination of idiot orders followed by idiots in a hallucination that Government is somehow more then Parasitic Human Garbage about sums up my boredom with political followers.

  3. Richard, I am proud of you and all your undertakings, and all your work. I would like to ask you to get a hold of Ethel D. Hume’s book on the missing chapter of biology. Where she cronicles the science and psuedo-science emerging around Bechamp and his ‘Host Terrain Theory, and Louis Pasteurs ‘Germ Theory’.

  4. If your rights come from owning property, than do people that don’t own as much property have less rights? Do the Rothschild family have more rights than you do Richard? Or maybe your rights come from your ability to reason? If you go through a compatentcy exam & are found to not be compatent, don’t you loos your rights to property, including your own body?


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